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The characteristics and use of high-speed round bottle labeling machine | Shanghai Su Ren

  In the labeling of products, the round bottle labeling machine has been well received by the majority of enterprises.

  For example, most of the mineral water bottles, beverage bottles, sauces, etc. used in daily use are labelled by round bottle labeling machines. As the market demand increases, many equipment manufacturers have introduced high-speed round bottle labeling machines. In order to improve the production efficiency of the enterprise, the high-speed round bottle labeling machine can be used for labeling requirements for the whole week and half week.

  The high-speed round bottle labeling machine equipment is developed and produced according to international advanced standards and technical requirements. It adopts the international mainstream labeling technology, and adopts self-adhesive web labeling paper, adopting the rolling method, no adjustment, one The key is completed, saving time and effort. Among them, Shanghai Suren's high-speed round bottle labeling machine is the most prominent.

  Shanghai Suren high-speed round bottle labeling machine adopts stainless steel mechanism and well-known foreign components to make the equipment last longer. The equipment has excellent functions, simple operation, simple maintenance, strong and beautiful after labeling, and will not fall off. .

  High production efficiency, accurate labeling accuracy, no bubbles, no wrinkles, is an ideal high-speed round bottle labeling machine.

  Conclusion: In today's packaging machinery industry, equipment manufacturers want to win the market and win customers, they must fully understand what the market needs, so that continuous innovation, research and development to upgrade their equipment, to create intelligent high-tech machinery and equipment Only in this way can we achieve the common development and progress of the company and the market.


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