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Shanghai Suren | Double-sided labeling machine features and advantages

  Labeling equipment is widely used in beverage and food, electronics, daily chemicals, pharmaceuticals, metals, plastics, and other industries.

  There are many types of labeling machines, and the functions are also different. I will introduce them to you below, one of which is a labeling machine and a double-sided labeling machine.

  The double-sided labeling machine is a powerful labeling device in the labeling machine, which can be used for labeling on the plane, side, circumference and surface of the product. The double-sided labeling machine can not only improve the efficiency and precision of the labeling. Reducing personnel costs, it can improve the aesthetics of products after labeling, and can attract consumers' attention to a certain extent and improve the competitiveness of products.

  The double-sided labeling machine mainly uses a more durable and long-life stainless steel and high-alloy mechanism. It can be used in a single machine or connected to a production line. The device also has a label-free, leak-proof detection and automatic correction function. The equipment adopts the standard PLC touch screen standard of the electronic control system sensor, which is more convenient for operation and maintenance.

  The double-sided labeling machine also has a fault alarm function and a production counting function, a power saving function, a protection function, and the like.


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