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Shanghai Suren | High-speed paste labeling machine | labeling flat without wrinkles

  The labeling machine has the same principle as the lever, one head is higher and the other head is lower. If the user pursues a faster labeling machine speed, the corresponding labeling standard accuracy will be reduced, after continuous improvement and technical Development, this situation is gone forever.

  The company described below, his home equipment is like this, high-speed labeling machine, developed and manufactured by Shanghai Suren, the equipment is beautifully labeled, fast, and the functions are as follows:

  1, the equipment adopts the paste type labeling method, with silky stripes, uniform coating, firm and not falling off, no wrinkles, greatly improving the labeling effect.

  2, the labeling machine is highly automated, with less manual intervention. The whole machine adopts full mechanical transmission and closed transmission box. The labeling standard is accurate, and the labeling speed can reach 120 bottles per minute. Speed can be adjusted, customized and flexible according to user requirements.

  3, Shanghai Suren labeling machine equipment, can meet different types of product labeling, it is often used in wine round bottles, beverage mineral water labeling, canning labeling, red wine bottles, brewing specialty wines and fruit vinegar beverage bottles, generally applicable With a height of between 170mm and 300mm, the device has a small footprint, light weight, easy placement and high stability, and is especially suitable for labeling work in small and medium batch production.

  4, the production management function of the equipment, including production counting function, parameter setting protection function (automatic standby, shutdown, power saving) fault alarm prompt function.


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