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Which industries can be applied to self-adhesive labeling machines | Shanghai Suren

  With the development of the industrial revolution, the competition of all walks of life has made people have higher requirements for the packaging of products, and there has been a high-quality self-adhesive labeling machine.

  Self-adhesive labeling machine is widely used in many fields as a full-featured, high-volume, highly automated labeling machine. Next, I will briefly introduce the application range of the self-adhesive labeling machine:

  1. Daily Chemical Industry

  Daily chemical industry is the abbreviation of daily chemical industry products. The soaps, western chemicals, spices, inks and toothpaste we see every day are daily chemical products. With the increasing demand for daily necessities, various daily chemicals have been born. The labeling procedure is indispensable. The self-adhesive labeling machine not only satisfies the needs of high-speed and high-precision labeling of various shapes and various daily chemicals, but also saves the precious production time of the enterprise and improves the enterprise's Production assurance.

  2. Pharmaceutical industry

  As a manufacturer of human health and safety, the pharmaceutical industry is a demanding, antibacterial, and highly clean industry. This requires a more complex, safe and hygienic labeling process. After all kinds of drugs are produced, they must be It is necessary to affix its own label, which requires a lot of human resources. However, after the introduction of self-adhesive labeling machine, the labeling work of drugs has become more and more convenient and quick, and has greatly promoted the development of the national pharmaceutical industry. .

  3. Food industry

  People eat food every day, and don't eat food. It is not a food industry that is particularly important to human beings. The food industry is inseparable from the support of self-adhesive labeling machines. In the daily product procurement, or in the supermarket shopping process, It is difficult to find a wide range of product labels, all relying on the labeling of self-adhesive labeling machines. The self-adhesive labeling machine can adapt to the task requirements of mass production of food, showing the power of modern technology, even for glass bottles of different sizes. For example, plastic bottles or other tapered, square objects, you can also use the self-adhesive labeling machine perfectly.

  The above is the most common industry in the field of use of self-adhesive labeling machines. Light industry, wine industry and other fields are also very common. Customers who want to buy can first understand the R&D technology and equipment quality of the labeling machine manufacturer. The overall consideration of popularity, and other aspects, finally decided to choose the best self-adhesive labeling machine.


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