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When customizing the flat labeling machine | What should I pay attention to | Suren Machinery

  What should we pay attention to when we customize the flat labeling machine?

  1. Reasonable design

  The main structure of the flat labeling machine, including the components such as the taking device, the feeding device, the printing device and the gluing device, all of which can be customized according to the specific requirements of the customer. When customizing the flat labeling machine, it must be It depends on whether the mechanical equipment design is reasonable and scientific, the convenience of operation, work efficiency and stability, and whether it really meets the labeling production requirements of the product.

  2, the scene environment

  According to the production environment and site, customize the flat labeling machine and adjust the technical parameters. For example, if the humidity in the air is too high, the label may not stick to the product. At this time, if a blower or a baking machine is added, the problem can be solved. .

  3, the current installation and commissioning

  During the installation process, if the parts are not installed on the correct parts, or the deviation (prone to occur during transportation), the accuracy and efficiency of the plane labeling machine will be problematic, so the installation and commissioning of the equipment must not be Less to ensure that the plane labeling machine can operate normally during the production process.


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