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Shanghai Suren | Features of double-head automatic shrink film sleeve labeling machine

  Shanghai Suren, double-head automatic shrink film sleeve labeling machine features:

 1. This equipment is a double-head design structure of two machines, which can meet the requirements of the bottle body and the bottle mouth only once.

  2. the use of double tray feeding, can save time for refueling, to ensure smooth production of sets of labels;

  3.  one machine for dual use, saving space and saving costs;

  4. the equipment, with the overall protective cover, and humanized design, higher security;

  5. the design of the synchronous bottle separator, product delivery, not easy to shake;

  6.comes with two sets of cutterheads, two sets of central guide pillars, and can be realized, rapid replacement without tools;

  7. Separate bottle screw, conveyor belt and belt bottle, which can be adjusted synchronously to ensure stable and high speed of the sleeve label;
  8.  intelligent control system, color touch screen design, combined with auxiliary buttons, more humane;
  9.  high standard electrical configuration, the combination of feeding cutters complement each other, the label feeding, is smooth;
  10. can run single head, can also run at the same time, to ensure the efficient and stable production line;
  11. using German imported air gun preheating shrinkage, can be positioned in advance, want to shrink the label;


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