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The principle and working method of automatic labeling machine | Shanghai Su Ren

  The principle and working method of automatic labeling machine:

  The working process of the automatic labeling machine is that the product is fed into the labeling machine at a constant speed on the conveyor belt. Due to its convenient use, it brings great convenience to our work.

  The mechanical device separates the products by an equal distance and transports the product forward along the conveyor belt. The mechanical system of the automatic labeling machine includes a reel, a driving wheel and a labeling wheel. At this time, the driving wheel intermittently drags The moving label moves, the label is passively pulled out from the reel, and passes through the labeling wheel to attach the label tape to the product, so that the labeling is completed. On the reel, the open label displacement control is used to maintain the label tape. The tension.

  From this, we can know that the label is attached to the product at the same time as the labeling wheel and the product moving speed. When the conveyor belt reaches a certain position, the label belt driving wheel will accelerate to match the conveyor belt. Speed, complete the labeling.

  Sometimes the label strip may slide, so there is a registration mark on it to ensure that each label is placed correctly to avoid confusion. In fact, sometimes we are confused about the registration mark. In fact, the registration mark is read by a sensor. During the labeling phase, the drive wheel will be reoriented to correct for any deviation in the label strip.

  What are the characteristics and performance of the automatic labeling machine:

  Labels can be applied to different product surfaces for all types of products;

  Flexible and simple, you can label on irregular products by adding calibration devices;

  Quick labeling for perfect results, greatly improving production efficiency and product image;

  According to product differences, to achieve different speed labeling;

  It can be docked to any production line or used in stand-alone mode;

  The conveyor belt can be removed according to the needs, and the labeling method can be replaced according to different needs, such as top, side, half-week, full-week, etc.;

  You can add printers as needed;

  Man-machine interactive touch screen, easy to operate, with a wealth of help functions and fault display functions;

  Labeling parameter storage, can preset 50 sets of labeling parameters, no need to reset when changing materials, Chinese interface data information setting and editing and modification, flexible matching of the printer and complete integrated coding and labeling;

  Effectively prevent the label roll from causing leakage, misalignment, weighting, unique design functions, intelligent management functions of the label, warning function, optional image detection system, etc., the feeder is used, unique gold steel sand Drive roller structure, excellent friction and outstanding anti-slip function, ensuring good long-term labeling function;

  The use of internationally renowned brands to import electrical components ensures long-term stability and longevity.


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