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Choose Shanghai Suren | Reasons for automatic sleeve labeling machine

  Since the establishment of Shanghai Suren Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., we have been committed to the development and sales of automatic sleeve labeling machines, labeling machines, shrinking furnaces, etc. We have more than ten years of development and production experience, currently, according to market demand , has developed a variety of new features of the sleeve labeling machine.

  Shanghai Suren automatic sleeve labeling machine has very strict requirements on itself. The sleeve labeling machine equipment is suitable for all kinds of bottle types, such as juice beverage, alcohol, daily chemical, food and other industries. The main model is double head. Automatic, SRL-150, SRL-250, SRL-350, SRL-450, SRL-550 and other automatic sleeve labeling machines, Shanghai Suren automatic sleeve labeling machine, with high precision, fast speed, no wrinkles, etc. The bottle type of the product is perfect.

  We have been constantly upgrading the performance of equipment according to the labeling and labeling requirements of various industries, from equipment structure, circuit design, intelligent control, to improving production efficiency, etc., which is continuously developed by the company's design department to ensure high Under the premise of quality, high efficiency and high precision, the equipment is made more intelligent and automated.

  Shanghai Suren insists on quality-oriented, drives and motors are all imported excellent brands, effectively ensuring the accuracy and stability of the equipment, as well as a professional technical after-sales team to provide you with the greatest support and protection for your worries.

  The labeling machine and labeling machine series equipment produced by our company have been exported to all over the world and have won unanimous recognition and praise from domestic and foreign customers. If you need to purchase, you are welcome to call and negotiate.


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