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What are the requirements for the sleeve labeling machine in the pharmaceutical industry | Set speed and effect

  Due to the large demand and high production requirements of the pharmaceutical companies, the traditional manual operation can no longer meet the needs and requirements of the current market. Therefore, only the use of fully automatic production packaging equipment can achieve the best results.

   In the pharmaceutical industry, the current requirements for automatic sleeve labeling machines are: requiring fast labeling speed, high precision and good stability. The manufacturer of the labeling machine should continuously break through the research and development in order to better meet the requirements of the enterprise.

   Shanghai Suren automatic sleeve labeling machine manufacturer, has more than ten years of experience in the development and production of sleeve labeling machines, pharmaceutical companies, using our sleeve labeling equipment, coupled with Su Ren's electric heat shrinking furnace, the effect of the sleeved shrinking product, No wrinkles, no bubbles, perfect bottle shape.

   Therefore, for the automatic sleeve labeling machine manufacturers, we should continue to explore, develop more intelligent equipment, constantly master advanced technical knowledge, use new technology to improve the labeling machine, improve the overall performance of the equipment, only the automatic set of better performance. The standard machine can better adapt to the needs of market development and win the trust of customers.


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