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How to buy | a good automatic sleeve labeling machine

  The rapid development of the economy has made people's living standards better and better, and the demand and requirements for products are also constantly improving, resulting in the original manual operation method that cannot satisfy the market.

  The demand of the market has also promoted the vigorous development of the labeling machine. At present, the market is full of various kinds of labeling machine equipment, which makes the market become chaotic, and the user may buy the labeling machine equipment of poor quality.

  So, how can I buy a quality sleeve labeling machine?

  Shanghai Su Ren summed up six points:

  1. The appearance of the sleeve labeling machine, a professional and powerful sleeve labeling machine manufacturer, in the design of the sleeve labeling machine and the use of structural materials, it is also very attention to detail;

  2. According to the production capacity of the company's production line, select the equipment model that exactly matches the assembly line;

  3. Check whether the equipment parts are rough, check whether the parts are flawed or scratched, and how the burrs are chamfered;

  4. Let the transmission part of the equipment run all the time to see if it can be operated flexibly or not.

  5. electrical configuration, this is the key core of the equipment, must use high-quality electrical configuration, in order to ensure the stability of the operation of the late equipment;

  6. boot test, check the operation status of the equipment, whether there is noise, the effect and accuracy of the set of labels;

  When purchasing the sleeve labeling machine, you can pay attention to the above points. I believe you can buy a high quality sleeve labeling machine.


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