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Shanghai Suren | Analysis of the causes and solutions for labeling bubbles

  Shanghai Suren, for your analysis of the reasons and solutions for labeling bubbles.

  This is the reason why labeling creates bubbles, usually transparent labeling. This is also a problem for many labeler manufacturers. First, we need to understand what causes the bubbles.

  Specific reasons for labeling bubbles:

  1. There is dust or dirt on the bottle;

  2.  when blowing the bottle, the bottle did not blow well, causing the bottle to have bumps and pits;

  3. Static electricity is present on the bottle, causing a repulsion with the label, which in turn generates bubbles;

  Then we, after knowing the reason, look at the solution:

  1. Before labeling, ensure that the bottle is clean and tidy;

  2. install an electronic static eliminator to reduce the effects of static electricity;

  3. the use, spring steel sheet and brush, or spring steel sheet and silicone scraper or sponge, in the state of the bottle flat, the label is no problem, as long as the selection of the scraper, there will be no bubbles;

  4. If it is a glass bottle, try not to use transparent labels. Because the glass bottle itself has irregular surface, it is difficult to avoid air bubbles. If you really want to use transparent labels, then use spring steel plate with brush or spring steel plate. Adding a sponge, the effect is good;

  5. When labeling, the running speed of the bottle should be faster than the speed of the labeling, and bubbles can be avoided;

  6. softer bottle labeling, need to adjust, scraper strength, angle, labeling speed, distance;

  Then, through the explanation of our Shanghai Suren labeling machine manufacturer, I believe that you have a clearer understanding of the reasons and solutions for labeling bubbles. If you have any questions, you can contact us online or by phone.


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