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What is the difference between traditional labeling machines and automatic labeling machines

  The automatic labeling machine is an upgraded version of the traditional labeling machine. The automatic labeling machine can be applied to the labeling work of paper, card and semi-finished carton. The labeling accuracy is obviously superior to the traditional labeling machine. In addition, the labeling is performed. When finished, there will be no air bubbles inside the label, and the label will not fall off easily. Even in the case of large temperature difference or high humidity, the label is difficult to separate from the product.

  Below, we will introduce you to the functions of the automatic labeling machine, the difference between the automatic labeling machine and the traditional labeling machine:

  1. Different speed and stability

  The fully automatic labeling machine is called the most efficient machine because it has an automatic identification function that automatically detects and adjusts the labeling head according to the product. For example, some automatic labeling machines use the sorting reverse pulsation technology card. Therefore, the sorting rate is significantly higher than the traditional labeling machine, the labeling speed is higher, and the speed stability is higher.

  2. A wider range of adaptation

  The automatic labeling machine obviously has a wider range of applications, such as labeling of various papers and cards. The traditional labeling machine can only perform single labeling work. It is worth noting that the well-sold automatic labeling machine adopts The top roller presses the workpiece to make the transmission more stable and prevent the tilting.

  3. More intelligent automation

  Many buyers believe that traditional product labeling is mostly manual. In fact, the domestic automatic labeling machine has been developed for decades. Therefore, the traditional labeling machine also has intelligent control functions, but the degree of intelligent control is different. The automatic labeling machine adopts photoelectric tracking and has zero mark. No-mark auto-calibration to prevent waste, traditional equipment does not have tracking correction.

  Not only that, from the point of view of safety, they also have obvious differences. Most automatic labeling machines have fault alarm function, and can also be produced according to production conditions, realizing one-button power saving and making production more intelligent.

  Some high-standard automatic labeling machines are even equipped with parameter setting protection functions, which can be equipped with other functions, such as coding and automatic printing. The traditional labeling machine does not have this function.

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