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High-performance automatic sleeve labeling machine | Su Ren Machinery

  Shanghai Suren automatic sleeve labeling machine is a relatively advanced sleeve labeling equipment in the sleeve labeling machine industry. It is used in all walks of life. Suren sleeve labeling machine has today's achievements, and the advantages of the equipment itself are inseparable. 

  Let me explain to you the advantages of the Su Ren sleeve labeling machine:

  1, superior applicability

  Suren sleeve labeling machine can be widely used in the labeling of products in different industries, including: beverage, food, daily chemical, seasoning, alcohol, electronics, etc., can use Sueren sleeve labeling machine for labeling, wide application range of equipment The sleeve is accurate, and the sleeve is perfect after the sleeve is contracted.

  2, the stability is extremely high

  Suren sleeve labeling machine has high stability, its mechanical structure design is unique and reasonable, and its structural stability is guaranteed. The whole equipment adopts aluminum alloy steel frame and stainless steel protective sleeve to ensure its stability, and it is not easy to rust for long-term use. It is also a big advantage of the equipment.

  3, a multi-purpose machine, suitable for different bottle types

  Applicable: glass plastic round bottle, square bottle, flat bottle, irregular bottle type, etc. It can be said that the scope of application is very wide. From the above introduction, we can see the advantages and advantages of Suren sleeve labeling machine, why so many people will choose Su Ren sets of standard machine.


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