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How does the labeling machine develop to today's height | Su Ren Machinery

  I still remember that when I was still very young, a relative of the family opened a labeling machine factory to produce the labeling machine. The equipment used at that time was very complicated, and it took a complicated process to complete the labeling work.

  In retrospect, this should also be the initial stage of the labeling machine manufacturer. Starting from a small workshop, slowly and step by step research and development to produce the current advanced automatic labeling machine.

  The development of labeling machine manufacturers can be divided into four stages, the first stage is the small workshop mentioned above;

  The labeling machine produced at this stage is imperfect in function and complicated to use. The equipment produced is not easy to use. Especially if the adhesive is not done well, most labels cannot be attached to the product completely. This is very inconvenient.

  In the second stage, after a period of development, this initial stage labeling machine was gradually replaced by a semi-automatic labeling machine. Although the labeling machine in this stage could not realize automatic production, manual assistance was still needed. At this time, the labeling machine greatly reduces the burden on the staff and the complexity of the work. After that, as the demand for the labeling machine increases, the requirements for the labeling machine become higher and higher.

  In the third stage, the automatic labeling machine is formed under this background. This automatic labeling machine no longer needs manual operation. It only needs to arrange a staff to regularly maintain the machine and maintain it. It is the advantage of the automatic labeling machine, which brings the quality and quantity improvement to the enterprise and reduces the personnel cost. Therefore, the enterprise prefers it.

  The rapid development of modern society, people's needs are not limited to this, so far, the automatic labeling machine has been developed to be able to customize the production of flying standard automatic labeling machine equipment according to the needs of users, this labeling machine is more Suitable for modern automated production needs.

  The development of labeling machines is fast, and I believe that the future labeling machine equipment will become more advanced and intelligent.


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