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Automatic labeling machine | several common problems | and solutions

  Most people may be unfamiliar with automatic labeling machines. However, when it comes to the various labels of goods, everyone is familiar with them. There are many types of automatic labeling machines, covering all kinds of labeling requirements, and various automatic labeling machines. Generally the same.

  As the automatic labeling machine takes longer and longer, you may encounter some problems. Below I will explain to you some common problems and solutions.

  1. the labeling is always posted

  Solution: Check if the lower limit paper position is correctly placed and the product is correct;

  2. the roller feed is not smooth

  Solution: The paper picking claws should be dirty, need to be cleaned, and the number of papers at one time is more, which needs to be reduced accordingly;

  3. the label is often attached to the belt drive shaft

  Solution: The glue may be too thin, flow to the shaft, or the glue is applied more, and then adjust the interval between the rubber block and the rubberizing wheel;

  4. After the switch is turned on, the device is not responding.

  Solution: First, check whether the relays and fuses of the equipment are burnt out and burn out. If there are no problems with these components, then there may be problems with the wiring of the circuit inside the electrical box. You need to find a professional after-sales personnel for maintenance and understanding of the labeling. These common small problems can quickly solve the problem and ensure the smooth operation. At the same time, it is necessary to use the longer and more flexible labeling machine, and it is also essential for the maintenance of the labeling machine.

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