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Analysis of Shanghai Suren's labeling machine for mineral water bottles

   Nowadays, the application fields of labeling machines, such as food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry, condiments, juice, injection needles, milk, refined oil, etc., are more and more extensive. So today, Shanghai Su Ren has made an analysis of the market of mineral water marking machines. When it comes to mineral water beverage industry, people normally think of a number of large-scale brand companies, farmers Shanquan, Hengda Ice Spring, Wahaha, Red Bull, Kang Shifu, etc., but rarely to understand the product packaging behind the silent dedication of the heroes. In addition to R&D, there are also distribution, filtering, canning, labeling, packaging and other processes, they silently for each product to do dedication. Recent targeting and

Mineral water jacket marking machine

The market is mainly divided into the following points:

1: the transformation of exports and domestic sales. Because of China's strong production and high cost, mineral water jacket marking machine foreign trade can always bring great profits. For a long time in the past, exports were the bias of many mineral water marking machines. Whether the enterprise itself through a variety of sales channels to export to foreign countries, or as mineral water set labeling machine enterprises to match products to foreign markets, can bring great support to their brand and its sales.

2: the malicious competition of the mineral water marking machine in the industry. Whichever industry or city has some vicious competition of enterprises and brands, although their original intention is probably just to share, but the formation of the effect of the lack of disruption of the abnormal market order, mineral water jacket marking machine industry is the same. Such enterprises normal irregular production workshop, the number of companies is not out of scope, there are bills hired a large number of temporary workers, no bills of the company's high and low dozens of housekeepers. At the same time, most of their equipment is relatively cheap price, so the quality of the product will not be considered too much, and even in the follow-up service on the less real-time follow-up, will make beverage producers on the whole set of labeling machine industry have a bad impression. Price competition will also make the market more chaotic, so that brand-name enterprises in the selection of mineral water marking machine process will emerge perceptual bias. It is also suggested that some beverage producers should pay more attention to the quality of the products when selecting the suppliers of mineral water jacket marking machines, and should not only pay attention to the price but also the quality of the machines.

3: do not pay attention to the upgrading and upgrading of their own machines. Doing everything is not a smooth road, many manufacturers in the market after the establishment of credit stopped, only pay attention to the number of forgetting the quality, the ultimate contrary. Everything in the world is not a stable layer, the market is changing, the market is bound to follow closely, no innovation will only be eliminated by the market.

4: no independent core technology and after-sales service. Mineral water marking machine enterprises should have their own core technology and excellent after-sales service. We should actively introduce advanced technology, vigorously promote the spirit of innovation and absorb the market trend of thought and advanced concepts, and so on. We should devote all our efforts to the development and production of mineral water marking machine. This is the only way for domestic businesses to win in the competition. Generally speaking, development is still the only way. There is a certain prospect.


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