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Service Description

Service Description

● Warranty

The warranty service begins since the installation completed. The warranty is twelve month(expect the wearing parts). When the warranty is expired, our company will keep providing the perfect repair-service with favorable price.

● Site Repairing

Evaluated by our company, we will provide the entire repair service if it is necessary to send the engineer to the site.

? During warranty period, our company will send technology engineer to the site to provide the free repair service in 24 hour. To make sure that all of the machine system running normally. Then the engineer can leave the site.

? Beyond the warranty, we will send engineer to the site to provide the repair service in 24 hour.

Regularly Visit

Our company after sale staff will regularly contact customer by phone, e-mail & personally to know the machine’s running condition. We also provide the maintenance if customer need.

Provide the fastest spare parts replacing service.

All of our devices are self developed. We also build 1000 square spare parts warehouse to provide the quick parts replacing service for the customer, which can save a lot of time & cost.

● Spare parts item

Devices upgrade & modify

Wearing parts & specified parts

● Service commitment

All the modify parts, order parts & spare parts will be delivered according to the contract regulation.

When the damage of the spare parts cause that the machine can not running. Once receive the confirmed spare parts order, we will make the delivery as soon as possible to meet customer requirement.

● Transportation

Whether use express or logistics or other delivery methods is depend on the customer real situation.

Device upgrade & modification

We can provide the modify solution of the machine according to the customer’s detailed requirement.


Contact: Wendy Jiang

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Email: 2675163405@qq.com

Add: No.88 Huangcheng North Road, Fengxian, Shanghai,China

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